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Book Signing by Gabriella Gillespie and talks by Shahien Taj OBE

Book signing and questions and answers with Gabriella Gillespie - a child bride who went on a devastating journey which claimed the lives of her mother and sister, and changed her own life forever.




Muna and her three sisters were happy children, growing up in Newport South Wales with their English mother and Arabic father. But in 1972 her mother disappeared, setting in motion a chain of events which would forever shatter her seemingly loving family. The young girls would later learn that she had been murdered by their own father. Traumatised and confused, Muna and her sisters were taken abroad under the guise of a holiday, unaware of the horrors that lay ahead. Betrayed by the one person left to protect them, the sisters were unwittingly sold as child brides by their father. Suffering 17 years of horrific abuse at the hands of her father and others, Muna watched helplessly as, one by one, those she loved the most were torn from her, in the most tragic of circumstances. A Father's Betrayal is the unbelievable true story.


We are also pleased to annouce, Shahien Taj OBE will be giving us a talk. She is the Executive Director of Henna Foundation a charity established to advance the needs, concerns and aspirations of Asian and Muslim children and families. Shahien was awarded an OBE for her outstanding contribution made towards furthering the UK’s response to forced marriage and ‘honour’ based violence.


The event is organised by iNEED to raise funds for the current refugee crisis.

13th November 2015 - Redbrook Village Hall

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