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Highbury Farm, Monmouth

NP25 4LX

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iNEED is a voluntary organisation with no paid staff.  We rely 100% on donations from the public and gift aid we claim from monetary donations.


There are no admin costs or CEO wage to pay for, no huge TV or Radio advertising campaigns, no cold calling centres or staff wages to pay for.  So the answer is 100% of your donation will be used in various ways to help people seeking refuge from war and poverty.


Below you can choose a one off or regular donation or use our bank details below to set up a regular standing order. You also can choose to donate online via your own banking service.  Whichever way you choose to donate the people we help will be extremely grateful for anything you can spare.


To us, though monetary support is certainly needed, you can donate in so many other ways. You can donate your time to help promote us on your own social networking site, collect and donate aid that is urgently needed. Check out our How You Can Help page for an idea of how you can help if you are unable financially to donate.


Bank Transfer


Account Name : INEED

Account Number: 69386609

Branch Sort Code: 51-61-02