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Past Projects

Three volunteers from iNEED first visited the refugee camp in Calais, called 'The Jungle' by its residents, on the 16th September 2015. They took a car load of food, tents and tarpaulins and assessed the situation for themselves. The three volunteers were completely devastated to witness the horrors of the camp. They walked amongst the refugees, who although had nothing, were so giving and humble. The volunteers handed out the donations, talked with the refugees and made friends. Many of the refugees spoke English and this was one of the main reasons they wanted to come over the English Channel.



Upon returning to the UK the group re-gathered and decided to put a plan of action in place. They created a number of key aims for the group. They wanted to help in Calais and support projects for better living conditions. They currently work at the camp on a monthly basis delivering aid and helping with building projects.



They also wanted to provide aid for other people facing similar devastation in Greece and those still living in the Syrian refugee camps. The group has to date has successfully delivered aid items to islands in Greece and very recently sent a 40ft shipping container to Syrian refugee camps on the borders of the Syria. The volunteers at iNEED worked tirelessly to sort and pack all the fantastic donations they received.

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