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Don't be Afraid to Tell the Truth

Testimony from 'Baby' who is living in 'The Jungle'. She spoke at a conference in Paris.


'My name is Baby. I come from Ethiopia, but that is not my story to tell today. What I am talking about in this conference is the situation of the "Jungle". These living conditions of our brothers who die every day. The closed border, how we are pursued by police. They intervene inside the camp, they assault and violate our rights. It's been over four months that I live there. I identified everyone in the Jungle, and one day I gathered all women and we demonstrate for our rights. Since journalists do not come our way, we have got a film of ourselves to witness to the hardness of our existence inside the Jungle, as well as police violence we suffer. I hope with this conference to shed light on the reality of the Jungle, on the claims that are living there, and the urgency of the situation and measures to be taken.'

Link to Baby's talk at the conference

Today in one of the greatest crises of a lifetime, we are trying to help over 6000 men, women and children in Calais who are being ignored by both the French and British governments.


They are fleeing terrors in war torn countries like Syria and Sudan and they have literally nothing, but strive for a better life. We spoke with many people on our visits to The Jungle. Below are some of the stories we have gathered.